"If He Could Turn Back Time..."

March 31, 2017



The President signed and executive order that proposes changes to the way we regulate energy production and emissions. It will roll back Obama's efforts to address climate change and enforce a more sustainable energy model.

The order seeks to stop Obama's Clean Power Plan, each state is given and individual goal for cutting power plant emissions (They can switch from coal to gas, expand renewables, or enact carbon pricing; It is left up to each state.) and if a state refuses to comply the EPA will step in with a federal cap and trade plan. This was an effort to cut power plant emissions by a third by 2030. 

In addition to eliminating Obama's Clean Power Plan, the order pledges to revive the coal industry and lift a moratorium on coal mining on public lands. “My administration is putting an end to the war on coal,” Trump said before signing the executive order, surrounded by a group of miners. “With today’s executive action, I’m taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on American energy, to reverse government intrusion, and to cancel job-killing regulations.”


Resistance can take many forms. There are 75 mayors who make up the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, AKA Climate Mayors, who are not only vocal about their displeasure with the current President's move, but have outlined how they will continue their collective work to stop climate change in spite of the federal government's actions.

You can download their full Climate Action Compendium at: http://www.climate-mayors.org/cities-climate-action-compendium/


The President contends that his actions will save jobs that are purportedly lost to the rise of renewable energy. But these fantastic 75 leaders argue that clean energy actually drives job growth.


"Climate action is also an investment in our economy and job creation - electric vehicles, solar power, energy efficiency and battery storage are all avenues to restoring our nation's manufacturing base and create good, middle class jobs," reads the letter the Climate Mayors sent to trump. "Today, one in fifty jobs is now in the solar sector, surpassing employment in oil, gas, and coal extraction combined. Texas is once again experiencing an energy boom - this time, with wind power. In fact, the majority of wind jobs in the US are in congressional districts that voted for you.

When Trump announced that he was changing vehicle fuel-efficiency standards, a group of Climate Mayors banded together to order $10 billion worth of electric vehicles for their city fleets to prove that the future of transportation is in renewable energy, not fossil fuels.








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