The Political Revolution

August 1, 2016

Bernie will forever be our hero, he woke up millions of americans from all different beliefs and backgrounds to come together with the purpose of creating a better society that cares for not just it's own people, but people everywhere, and a world that desperately needs to protect the environment from climate change brought forth by the irresponsible big corporations  and our corrupt governments.


Years of general apathy towards an apparent rigged and corrupt system of politicians, law makers, law enforcement, lack of infrastructure, healthcare, education, real food, media, etc, had evolved into american citizens disenfranchised and simply trying to survive any way they could. I wonder if the Kardashians ratings have gone down now? can we find a better way to use our time? now that we have uncovered what other parts of the world did, that we can use social media in a much better and productive way, to come together and share our thoughts, because we are not alone, in fact we are huge, and we can do anything when we set our minds and will. Thank you Bernie, we'll take it from here.

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