Health Care for all Nevada County values your input regarding community issues and your support in creating a strong and unified Nevada County.

An issue that is a concern for all in Nevada County, the State of California and the entire country is our health care system. 


It has been confirmed that the California Senate Health Committee will hear SB 562 on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017. SB 562 is the change that many have been asking for. 

• Choose any provider. No more surprise bills. No out-of-pocket costs for covered services. 

• Eliminates co-pays for Medicare Part B. 

• Lower prescription drug costs. 

• Regional planning to reduce overlap and duplication of expensive equipment and facilities. 

• Provider rates which will replace and improve upon Medi-Cal rates, will be negotiated to ensure access, cost control and high-value services. 

• The advances from the Affordable Care Act will be folded into the new system. 

• Huge cost-savings from reduced bureaucracy. No more insurance company runaround. No more bill collectors. 

• A payroll and income premium, which is higher for upper income earners, would replace insurance company premiums, co-pays and deductibles—likely resulting in significant out-of-pocket net savings. 

• Diverse participants including ordinary citizens and representatives of labor and business, as well as various health care professionals and health policy experts, will advise and help design the Healthy California program.


We hope that you find the highlights of SB 562 resonate with you and that you will feel compelled to attach your organization's name to the attached letter and email it to:

Just replace the highlighted areas with your information. A few moments of your time will make an impact on the passing of SB 562.  Please feel free to forward this email and the attachment to organizations that you feel would like to also show their support.

A single voice resonates with those who hear it, but many voices together cannot be denied as a collective truth. 

Nevada County Progressive Alliance